Top 3 best Technical Screener for Intraday Trading

If you are a day trader or want to trade positional then you must use technical charts to take trade as it helps you to take winning trade. Technical analysis also helps you to decide entry and exit points of your trade. So if you want minimum loss and maximum profit then technical analysis is a must do process. To make this whole process easy, you can take help of technical screener. So below are Top 3 best Technical Screener Intraday Trading.

1.ChartInk. is very popular technical screener used by Intraday as well as Positional Traders. There are many parameters to create technical screener. You can login and save the screener for your use as well. My personal favorite is Supertrend Positive Breakout. In this screener, you will get a list of stocks who had supertrend breakout on daily chart. You can choose such stocks for positional trading as these stocks are supposed to give good returns in short-term. Volume shocker screener can be used to do BTST trades. Best part of this site is one can create screener of Supertrend as well as Ichimoku clouds which no other site provides. is best screener for intraday trading as the data updates in almost real time only. I have personally used this screener and it really helped me to pick good trades. You can filter the stocks according to your criteria and trade. They have many useful filter criteria as shown below. I generally use OHL filter with Top Gainer/Top Looser Filter. It will return you good number of stocks to Short or to go Long.

Top 3 best Technical Screener Intraday Trading


3. is another good technical screener. I use this screener to take positional trades. The thing i like most about this screener is its simple user experience. You just need to select values in the drop down and you will get result. I use this screener to check CandleStick Patterns and Moving Average crossovers. (E.g. I will search stocks which has Bullish Engulfing to go long for positional trade)

List of filter option are as shown below

best technical screener for Indian Stocks

Hope you have enjoyed reading Top 3 best Technical Screener Intraday Trading. Please comment down below if you have any query on how to use it.

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