Free Intraday Stock Screener Software for Indian Stock Market

Hello Guys, It has been really a long time since the last article. I was completely busy with new project. Now onwards I will try my best to post article more frequently here. In this article I will be writing review of free Intraday stock screener which I have used for few days.

FataFat Stock Screener Review

FataFat stock screener helps users to scan the Indian stock market and filter the exact stocks based on user-defined metrics. This is a good Scanner Tool for every day trader and Investor in the Indian stock market.

Features(Pros) of this Scanner:
  1. It is free to use. A user is not required to pay any subscription fee for using this Stock Screener. You can access is directly from your web browser.
  2. It Screener works on the Google apps framework. This enables this stock screener to be updated every minute with near real-time values in the Indian market. This, in turn, provides the day trader with analytics to make an informed decision in selecting the right stocks for day trading. The user would also have a quick view on the stocks that are highly volatile and locate profitable day trading setups
  3. It can help you to indentify stocks for positional trades using Daily Candle scan feature.
  4. On the FataFat stock screener, the stocks are rated according to the trader usability. Give the user to stick to the most preferred stocks for daytrading in India.
Cons Of this Scanner:
  1. Although it is simple to use but there is no detailed guide on how to effectively use this scanner to maximise the profit.
  2. You may need Desktop to view this scanner as in mobile SORTING and FILTERING options are not available.

You can access this Intraday stock screener on

So that’s it for now. So you must try this free scanner in market hours and play with its settings. I hope this will help you to take profitable trades.

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