How to Sign Up for Google Local Guide

Google always has something to offer for everyone. So if you are Traveller, foodie or loves to write review of every place you visit then you must sign up for google local guide program.

What is Google Local Guide Program ?

Keeping Google Maps error free is not an easy task so with the help ‘Google local guide community’, Google makes it relevant to end-user. In return google rewards the members for their contribution. Anybody can join Google Local Guide program.

How to join ?

Joining is very easy. Just go toΒ Local Guide Sign Up.

How to Earn Points ?

You can earn points in very simple ways. Each action has different points associated with it.

Please refer below table for it.

google local guide points

E.g. If you have written a review of the place with 2 Photos then you will receive 15 points.


Earlier there used to be 5 level but recently google has changed the level hierarchy to encourage the members of the community. You have reach up to level 10 now. You can earn google badge from level 4 onwards.



This is the most important part. If you reach level 4 on or before 31 August 2017 then you will receive 3 months of google music free and 75% off on google movies rental. Apart from this google also gives surprise perk for members. E.g. Last month Indian members got 1 month free membership of Ola Select.Β 

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Agree Steve. They used to provide free storage on level 4 and above. But you can expect more rewards as Google is working on it πŸ™‚

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