How to Download Latest Zerodha Pi Trading Software

Updated on June 2020 : If you are Day trader or Swing Trader, you always need reliable trading software to do technical analysis of the Stocks. If you have account with Zerodha then you can Download Latest Zerodha Pi Trading Software for their website free of cost. Lets see steps to download it.

1. Go to

2.  It will download Pi.Zip file. Extract it in C:// folder

3. Double Click on Pi_Setup.exe file and Click Yes.

4. Follow the Installation Process. It will get installed within 3-4 Minutes.

5. Now Pi shortcut icon must have been created on your desktop. Just Double click on it to Launch the Zerodha Pi Trading Software.

6. Provide the login credential and it will launch the Zerodha Pi software.

7. After successfully logged in, You can see Start Screen as below.

In this screen, you need to add stock first to the default market watch and then you can open chart to add indicators to the chart.

Hope you have liked the article. Please let me know if you are facing in issues while installing the software. I will be glad to help you.

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Thanks for sharing your ideas, and Iā€™m really inspired with your articles since I always dreaming that someday I may able to write a book.
So thank you once again for the motivation.

Hi Ganesh,

You need to add Sccript to the watchlist then you can view chart. If still its not working then you need to contact Zerodha for help.


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