Best Two wheelers Insurance Policy in India

If you have bought new two wheeler or you are planning to renew your existing insurance then you must have come across this dilemma while choosing the insurance provider as most of the companies provides almost same benefit with approximately same amount.

How to choose best two wheelers insurance policy

  1. Ability to Increase IDV (Insured declared value)

IDV is the maximum you will get while claiming your insurance.

Eg: If your IDV is Rs.50000 then you will get maximum of Rs.50000 in case of loss/theft to your vehicle.

  1. No claim Bonus (NCB)

It is the discount on premium if you haven’t claimed insurance in the last year. NCB starts at 20% and keeps on increasing till 50%.

Nowadays every two wheeler insurance provider in India gives NCB benefit to customer.

  1. Extra Add-ons Availability

Extra add-ons such as ‘Zero Depreciation’ are really useful as insurance company will not deduct depreciation cost while doing settlement. It comes handy when your bike met with large accident.

You can also consider add-ons like ‘Personal Accident for Rider/Pillion’ and ‘New Vehicle Replacement’.

  1. Easy to buy and Renew

Buying and Renewing two wheelers insurance policy should be easy and online. Almost all the insurance company has this option.

 Best two wheelers insurance policy in India?

I recommend you to go with IFFCO TOKIO. I own Honda Trigger and Royal Enfield Classic 350. My both two wheeler policies are from IFFCO Tokio. They provide ‘New Vehicle Replacement’ cover which no other insurance company provides. In this cover, you will get ex-showroom price of your vehicle+ Insurance premium of new vehicle+ RTO tax amount in case of theft/loss of vehicle. This cover provides me peace of mind to me.

Best Two Wheelers Insurance Policy India
Best Two Wheelers Insurance Policy India

Other reason to recommend to IFFCO TOKIA is their good customer service. I had very good experience last when I had initiated claim for my Honda Trigger.

Hope you have liked this article. Feel free to comment if you need any help.



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